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Throwing Sandbag
Throwing Sandbag
Throwing Sandbag
Throwing Sandbag

Throwing Sandbag

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The Strength Shop Throwing Sandbag has been specifically designed for durability and withstanding maximum impact.

Throwing Sandbags are common in Scottish Highland Games events but they are also a fundamental event in Strong(wo)man competitions. Not only this but the Throwing sandbags can also be used not solely as a conditioning and strength tool, but also as a variation for kettlebell swings, goblet squats, Turkish get ups, snatch, clean and press, rows, overhead press and lots more. The versatility of the sandbags make them a desirable addition to any gym, box or even home gym.

These bags have been designed to handle just about anything! With both inner and out bags made from 1050D military grade nylon cordura that is quadrupled stitched bonded with nylon thread. Not only that, there is polyester car seatbelt materials used for the straps around the bag giving even more support and increased durability to the bag, so the sandbags can not only take some serious punishment from being dropped from height but are hard wearing and long lasting. Other great features are the super strong YKK zip and extremely secure locking velcro straps, with these in place there will be no leaks from the inner or outer bag. Lastly the handle offers great grip but without losing any durability or comfort on the hands.

The only thing needed is for the bag to be filled with sand! The coarser grained sand works better but the bags can also be used with other materials or even combinations of materials to reach the desired weight. To help identify the weight the bags have a handy patch on the flap for writing the weight of the sandbag, this is particularly useful when multiple bags of varying weights are being used.

Once loaded up with the desired weight, throwing bags become a key tool offering you that high intensity explosive full body training as well as being perfect for functional training and a staple in event training.

How to fill?
  • Open the outer bag velcro and unzip, then open the inner bag velcro seal.
  • Fill the inner sandbag to the desired weight or until your bag is full - coarse sand is suggested. The loadable weight of the bag will depend on the density of the materials being used. Depending on the materials use to fill the bag it might cause the weight of the bag to be more or less than the weight capacity of the bag.
  • Close the inner bag velcro and make sure this is sealed correctly then secure the material within the inner bag.
  • Close the outer bag zip and firmly close the velcro seal on the outer bag.

  • Dimensions filled: 35x32x24cm
  • Curved handle length: 29cm
  • Handle material thickness: 6.4mm
  • Strap at handle width: 4cm
  • Strap length visible to inside handle: 13cm
  • Depth of top flap: 14cm
  • Inside zip length: 22cm
  • White square dimensions: 6x6cm

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