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New Olympic Weightlifting Straps - BLACK & WHITE
New Olympic Weightlifting Straps - BLACK & WHITE

New Olympic Weightlifting Straps - BLACK & WHITE

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Created from a tough cotton-linen mix, these Olympic weightlifting straps will be a reliable tool in your training regimen. The robust material naturally has a textured surface, helping to build tension between strap and barbell, to generate a strong grip. 

Featuring a slim cushioning, it disperses and eases pressure on the top of your wrists, for added protection, making them more comfortable even with bigger loads. They come in an airy mesh bag that keeps your straps organized and close at hand, in your gym bag. The subtle black & white colour pattern is a serious fit for weightlifters.


The main practical feature with olympic weightlifting straps is the benefit of having a quick-release loop. Other lifting straps are put on by threading in one end through a smaller loop and wrapped around the barbel multiple times, to have a maximal strong and tight grip. For Olympic weightlifting, in comparison there are other requirements because of the different dynamics of the sport. 

A strong grip is needed too, but also the ability to quickly release your grip when losing balance in the bottom position, jumping forward or generally missing your lift. In Olympic weightlifting, wrapping around the bar one time is usually enough to get both a strong grip and the ability to quickly opt out of a lift in a split second. The fixed loop offers a closer connection with the barbell, on top. This allows you to focus on your given exercise, like pulls or snatch.

➲ Maintain a strong grip, ability to quickly release and focus on your given exercise, to train efficiently and safely.


  • Material: durable cotton-linen mix 
  • Colour: black & white
  • Fixed loop
  • Total length: 33cm
  • Strap width at the loop: 2.5cm
  • Strap width at the bottom: 5cm
  • Cushion length: 14,5cm
  • Wash at max. 30°