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Sabo - Deadlift Shoe - White/Black
Sabo - Deadlift Shoe - White/Black
Sabo - Deadlift Shoe - White/Black
Sabo - Deadlift Shoe - White/Black

Sabo - Deadlift Shoe - White/Black

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Recommended for Deadlifting, but also suitable for Fitness, Bodybuilding and General Training.

Main features
    • Totally new upper construction with a strong strap.
    • Shoes created especially for deadlifting.
    • New non-marking outsole is made of high density material with a special design for traction.
  • Designed with high quality materials optimal for hard training sessions.

    • The sole is thin and flat to decrease pulling distance. A thin sole means the barbell is higher up from the floor relative to the athlete. This allows for more weight to be lifted since the pulling distance becomes shorter.
      Specialized footwear protects the feet from injuries related to heavy lifting. Protects athletes' feet from platypodia (flattening of the arches).
    • This shoe provides maximum stability for the ankle.
  • The soles are made from materials that do not have any give which results in a good surface to push against. The pattern on the outsole minimizes slipping.

SABO Deadlift is a best selling model of shoes for powerlifting and almost any indoor activity.
The specialized shoe for deadlifting, SABO Deadlift is the professional and important part of your equipment.