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Silver Dollar Deadlift Attachments
Silver Dollar Deadlift Attachments
Silver Dollar Deadlift Attachments

Silver Dollar Deadlift Attachments

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Silver Dollar Deadlift Attachment (pair).

The silver dollar deadlift was introduced in the early days of Worlds Strongest Man competitions where a barbell was attached to large boxes filled with silver dollars. Our silver dollar attachments allow you to train for this classic event with only a barbell and some weight plates, no need for thousands of dollar coins.

The attachments have been developed with durability being the forefront of the design, meaning these attachments will easily withstand a lot of weight when you are training for the elevated deadlift event. The key feature of the silver dollar attachments is that these are extremely heavy duty weighing in at 29kg each (total weight 58kg) constructed with thick very steel box section, a solid plate sleeve, widened and supported foot plates for stability, giving you the confidence that these can easily handle whatever weight you throw at it.

The silver dollar deadlift attachments when used with a deadlift bar has a starting height of 18" which is the common starting height for the elevated deadlift event. The attachment can be used with any olympic style barbell or axle as the attachments will fit any 50mm (2") barbell sleeve. Recommend collars are used to keep the attachments in place.

The silver dollar attachments are constructed of high quality very thick steel with a matte black powder coating and a chrome finish plate sleeve aiding in the finish and durability.


  • 18" starting height of barbell.
  • Fits 50mm (2") barbell sleeves.
  • Weight 29kg each (total weight 58kg)
  • Height 48cm
  • Length 63cm
  • Width 20cm
  • Bar Sleeve Length 22cm
  • Bar Sleeve diameter 6cm
  • Loading pin length 29.5cm
  • Loading pin diameter 5.1cm

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