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Weightlifting Tape
Weightlifting Tape
Weightlifting Tape

Weightlifting Tape

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Weightlifting Tape has been created with all lifters in mind: Olympic weightlifters, X-fitters, gymnasts, strong(wo)man and powerlifting athletes. Providing excellent flexibility, protection and traction, you can wave goodbye to blisters, cuts and tears, while enjoying a rock solid grip for your lifts.

The flexible fabric allows your joints to move naturally and improves your feel for the barbell. It’s lightweight, absorbs chalk and sweat and moulds to the contours of your fingers, wrists and palms with ease.

Super easy to use, just rip off however much you need and remember: A little goes a long way. All tapes are lined with 10% extra glue (compared with market standards) for added durability and longevity. Despite its resilience, removal is not an issue either: After your workout, you can peel it off easily without leaving any residue behind.

Whether you’re performing multiple reps in a functional fitness workout or performing 1RMs, our Weightlifting Tape won’t let you down.

  • Suitable for all lifting types
  • Protection for thumbs, fingers, wrists and palms
  • Chalk and sweat friendly
  • Leaves no residue
  • Easy to apply and tear off
  • Self-adhesive
  • Improves grip
  • Lined with extra glue, for improved durability
  • Two width options to choose from: 2.5cm and 5cm
  • Total length - 4.5m